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February 2018

IMDA Lab-on-Wheels in PLMGS (Sec)

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet-of-Things, Social Robots and Drones. Wonder how these technologies will play a part in the way we live, work and play in a Smart Nation?

As part of PL’s efforts to promote STEM, the Infocomm Media Authority of Singapore (IMDA) was invited to showcase their Lab-on-Wheels Programme. Two IMDA buses, retrofitted with the latest technology and cool gadgets, were parked within the school compound on 13 and 14 February 2018. The Lab-on-Wheels programme is a government led initiative which houses emerging technology to prepare and equip students with technological knowledge to be future-ready digital citizens in Singapore’s Smart Nation. The experiential and engaging tech showcase exposed students to the possibilities of technology beyond the classrooms and ignited their interest. Staff and parents were not left behind and also had the opportunity to learn about these emerging trends.

Teacher’s Learning Journey

PLMGSS teachers believe in leading by example, and took on the student’s role by signing up for various Learning Journeys and learnt what it took to keep Singapore safe. On 31 January and 1 February, 59 teachers visited three organisations to learn more about counter-terrorism, anti-corruption and strategies to combat drug issues in Singapore as part of the school’s National Education programme. The organisations involved were the Religious Rehabilitation Group, Corruption Reporting & Heritage Centre and the Central Narcotics Board Heritage Gallery. These visits were in line with this year’s Total Defence theme of Together, We Keep Singapore Safe.