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Principal's Message 2017

2017 marks the 101st year of our school’s founding. We have stepped into a new era of the school’s growth and development. Over the last year of our centennial celebrations, we have heard many old girls testify that the education they have received in PLMGS had laid strong foundations for their future endeavours. This is exactly the kind of education we want to deliver. We hope to prepare our girls for their future. We hope to fill their hearts and minds to such an extent that when trials and testings come, they will be able to reach deep within and respond to difficult situations with strength and quiet confidence.

2017 Year Theme ‘Created for His Glory’
Our 2017 Year Theme - ‘Created for His Glory’ is inspired by Psalm 139:14:

“I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Our school continues to recognise our calling in educating girls with different strengths and abilities. Regardless of the different family backgrounds and academic achievement levels, we remind the girls that they are created special. We seek to inspire our girls to do their personal best in all that they undertake and seek to realise their fullest potential.

Besides helping each girl to find personal success in discovering and pursuing her strengths and passions, the holistic education that PL offers seeks to build moral character and performance character1 through our Academic and Co-curricular programmes.

What Schooling in PL is About
Schooling in PL is about forging and strengthening positive relationships. If you ask the girls what they value most in being a PL-Lite, they will tell you that they appreciate the school’s special culture of care. Caring for one another is both a priority and a personal responsibility for our girls and staff. In view of this, we are constantly seeking out opportunities for the girls to show care and concern for others. School spaces are also constantly being refreshed to be more inviting and welcoming as these contribute to creating a caring and life-giving environment for the girls who spend long hours in school.

Growing Girls into Ladies of Fine Character
In 2017, we will take even more deliberate efforts to help grow our girls into leaders. Personally, I feel that growing one’s personal and collaborative leadership is one area that our girls must immerse themselves in throughout their schooling.

Personal Leadership helps our girls understand themselves and learn to better manage their own thinking and behaviour. This helps them grow to be better persons on a day-to-day basis. Collaborative leadership reminds the girls that the test of who they are, lies in their interaction with real people and situations. We pray that our girls will grow up to be well-adjusted women of character, able to navigate relationships and careers, while being a blessing to all around them.

We invite you to partner us in our calling to make a difference to the lives of PL-Lites and their families.

Warmest Regards,
Mrs Quek Li Gek

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1A person of character embodies both performance and moral character. Performance character refers to the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural dispositions needed to achieve human excellence in performance environments. Moral character refers to the dispositions needed for ethical functioning and includes qualities such as justice, caring, respect, and honesty. Source: https://www.ncyi.org/www/docs/6.53/character-education--youth.html